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About Me

Hello great peoples, I am Dr. Raj Phanden also known as your Cycle Baba. I belong to Bhuna, a very small village of Fatehabad District. If you talk about my qualifications, then I am an Ayurvedic doctor with practice of almost 10 years in Haryana. People mainly know me for my social media presence as a Traveler, Hindi Vlogger and an Environmentalist.

I have over 550 thousand subscribers on YouTube and over 120 thousands followers on Instagram. In order to create more awareness among youngsters, I also have been conducting seminars in Schools and Colleges to keep our planet healthy and green.

My Mission

I am on a mission named- Wheels for Green. It was started in 2016 from a very small village in India from a bicycle only. I started my mission to create awareness on Global Warming, Climate Change, Environmental Pollution and the effect of these threats on our planet.

I have traveled over 77,000 kilometers in 70 different countries within a time period of 6 years. On every visit to a new country, I make sure to plant trees for awareness toward our planet. And till date I have planted lakhs of trees in various countries. My main goal is to encourage more and more people to save our planet earth.

cycle baba


Most frequently asked questions from me

Cycle Baba Is a world traveler by bicycle With the message of wheels for green, who records His Beautiful Journey and Post them on his YouTube channel To Inspire and entertain at the same time

Dr. Raj Phanden Is the real name of cycle baba

23 March 1981

Village Bhuna dist. fatehabad, Haryana

Ayurvedic doctor (M.D)

Bicycle only to travel across the Globe to create awareness on: Environmental pollution, Global warming, Climate change and its effect on the human race Encourage Plantation.

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